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Best Data Recovery methods – You Should Know

In the last blog, we’ve discussed why low-cost backup solutions can be the ideal ones for you. Here in this blog, we’ll be discussing the best data recovery methods that can help you in case of disaster.

The data recovery process is among the complex tasks to take up when your organization's data is at stake. The problem occurs when you’ve to perform data backup and recovery manually. Fortunately, the following data recovery methods just ease your cyber backup and recovery process:


Cloud backup works by creating a copy of your data on an off-site system. Cloud backups are among the safe and reliable methods of disaster recovery for files and databases. The cloud data backup and recovery methods offer easy access to your data when needed in the case of occasional file deletion, natural disaster, or business disruptions.


The Network Attached Storage or NAS is basically file-level computer storage that stores data on a shared computer. The physical hardware or computer is attached to a large network where all other computers can access it with ease. Most organizations use the NAS method to store all their important data, so, everyone on the network can access it with ease.

External Disk:

Individuals and small organizations use external disk drives to backup and recover their data in case of a ransomware attack. The external disk drives are affordable and safe as compared to other data recovery methods, as they are air gaped from the network. However, IT knowledge is required to operate it and this is not a practical method for more than a few computers.

Microsoft Backup:

Microsoft Azure Backup facility works more like a cloud backup and recovery method. The Azure Cloud-Based Backup is a simple and reliable cloud-integrated backup service. It’s secure as it prompts you to set a password for your important; therefore, only you can access your data when required.

Salvador Technologies:

We've been offering affordable and reliable cyber recovery services to allow immediate and automated business continuity in case of cyber-attack. We’ve got the most secured data backup and recovery product to offer, implementing the strongest offline protection algorithms with unique 30 seconds recovery capabilities.


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