OT/ICS Full & Fastest Recovery

From Ransomware Attacks and Computer Systems Malfunctions


Our business continuity solutions provide revolutionized patented air-gapped technology that dramatically reduces the risks of data loss and operational downtime, and most importantly - an easy validation of the backup integrity with an instant restoration test. Our product portfolio guarantees the highest levels of data protection and instant recovery.

We understand that recovery time is highly critical for our customers and their business continuity.

Data disaster recovery is especially important for companies with non-stop production, 24-hours monitoring systems, critical infrastructures, logistics operations, medical equipment, or other critical assets.

Our data loss prevention tools are easy to use – only 2 minutes of installation in order to protect the data from malicious encryption. It requires only 30 seconds to return the system back to work in case of a cyber-attack or system malfunction.

Products Portfolio

Cyber Recovery Unit

This Instant Recovery Unit provides the full and fastest recovery from ransomware

  • Full recovery from cyber-attacks

  • 2 Minutes installation

  • 30 seconds recovery

  • Offline protection

  • Press one button for recovery


Plug-and-play centralized cyber recovery

  • Software implementation on a SmartNIC

  • Isolated secured environment

  • Applicable for Data Centers

  • Early detection of double extortion attacks

  • PCIe / NVMe-oF protocol


Tiny device, wide range of applications

  • 30 seconds recovery

  • Offline data protection

  • Extremely small recovery unit

  • One button for recovery

  • AES-256 military grade encryption

Cyber Security threats have dramatically escalated, to where even the most advanced cyber security tools have no capacity to ward off sophisticated cyber threats. In a world where ransomware hits a computer every 14 seconds, and cyber-attacks financial damage reaches $20,000,000,000 per year, quick data recovery from a backup may be the only way to continue operating. 

Many ransomware attacks are targeting your data backup before they ask for payment, so having only one online copy of critical backup data is simply not enough. Our innovative recovery solutions provide continuous operation of servers and workstations. This technology protects your organization against data loss, operational downtime, and other financial or reputational harms.

Salvador Technologies revolutionizes the cybersecurity industry:

  • 30 seconds recovery regardless of the data amount

  • Innovative “Time-based RAID” algorithm provides air gap protection and guarantees data survivability

  • Eliminating downtime of critical workstations and servers

  • Centralized management system, providing full visibility of your organization's backup data