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Water and Wastewater Utilities
Case Study

White + Dots Background

Water and Wastewater Utilities, supplying water, sewage, and drainage services and servicing nearly 500,000 residents.
The companies provide development, expansion, operation, and maintenance of the water, sewage and drainage networks. They are also responsible for continuously replacing water pipelines, expanding and duplicating infrastructures, carrying out thorough inspections to test the quality of the water it supplies to residents, pumping the facilities, and pressure-reducing facilities.

Customer Profile

Maintaining a constant service in a mixed infrastructure environment comprising IT infrastructures: Windows Servers and OT Human Machine Interface (HMI) machines requiring operating the industrial SCADA infrastructure in the utility.

Automating the recovery process, improving uptime metrics, and attending to recent years’ increasing cyber-attack threats, targeting water utilities, such as Ransomware attacks.

The absence of an IT professional on-site for support, and the absence of external support teams within the required timeframe.

Customer’s Challenges

Cyber Recovery Unit (CRU) providing a 30-second automated restoration for water pumping stations and wastewater treatment facilities.

Compatibility to ControlMaestro,  SCADA and other HMI providers, and IT infrastructure (Windows-based servers). As well as in, converged IT-OT servers managing the entire corporate data.

A simple, frequent, and straightforward recovery procedure enabling any utility personnel to attend a recovery process- No IT professional on-site required.

The Solution


20% savings in IT support fees due to remote service possibility in backup and recovery.

Critical workstation and server backups - protected by air-gap technology

Ideal ROI through prevention of financial loss in case of cyber-attack or system failure.

Meeting Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) regulations regarding operational continuity and cyber protection.

Complete visibility on backup status.


Freeing my team to attend to a more significant portion of their daily tasks is a great benefit. As it comes together with cyber resiliency and compliance, it provides our company with an improved infrastructure, ready to address today‘s and the ones-to-come business continuity challenges״.

- Pavel Freilich, CEO Deputy and Senior Engineer, Mei Tikva Water Utilities

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