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Industroyer: Fighting Power Grid Malware with Instant Recovery against Wiper Attacks

Concerning a development in cyber warfare, the dangerous Industroyer2, along with other harmful malware like ORCSHRED, SOLOSHRED, and AWFULSHRED, has resurfaced. They're targeting the power grid in Ukraine, posing a significant threat.

The Legacy of Industroyer1: Crashoverride's Impact

Industroyer2's reappearance raises alarms about critical infrastructure. Industroyer1, also known as Crashoverride, caused significant disruptions in Ukraine's power grid in 2016, cutting off power to a fifth of Kyiv for an hour.

Escalating Cyber Threats Amidst Conflict: The 2022 Scenario

In February 2022, the situation worsened due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine. This led to an increase in cyber-attacks. On March 14, CaddyWiper attacked a Ukrainian bank. It was followed by two more attacks on April 1 and April 8. The targets were a government entity and an energy provider respectively. These incidents set the stage for a major assault with Industroyer2.

The Unleashing of Industroyer2: A Timeline of Events

At 15:02:22 on April 8, 2022, a Sandworm hacker initiated Industroyer2. A little over an hour later, at 16:10, the power grid in a Ukrainian region was disrupted. In order to cover their tracks, CaddyWiper erased all traces of Industroyer2 at 16:20.

CaddyWiper's Role: Complicating Recovery Efforts

CaddyWiper's destructive actions complicate recovery efforts by disrupting operations and deleting critical data. However, Salvador Technologies provides an important solution through its Security Failover Technology. With a rapid 30-second recovery from such attacks, Salvador's tools swiftly restore systems, minimizing the impact of cyberassaults.

The Nexus of Physical and Digital Warfare: Implications of Cyber Attacks

These attacks highlight the interconnectedness of physical and digital warfare, underscoring the urgent need for enhanced cybersecurity. Salvador Technologies plays a crucial role by providing effective solutions and rapid recovery from cyber threats to protect infrastructure and ensure community safety.


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