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  • What makes your recovery solution so fast?
    Our advanced backup software creates a full duplicate of the system, which includes the OS (Operating System), data files, drivers, and the unique user configuration. The attacker cannot reach, encrypt, or delete the data, as it is secured by air-gap protection. This allows the user to immediately reboot and operate from Salvador's disk, with no need for IT expertise, by one click of a button.
  • Any solution for petabytes of data storage?
    Most of the critical assets can use our Cyber Recovery Unit (CRU) units for immediate recovery. For large capacity servers and private cloud, we have the Network Recovery Station (NRS) based on the DPU network adapter. This product is not limited by the capacity of your data.
  • How do you avoid a backup of the virus?
    We do continuous monitoring of the data of both the computer and the backups data. This allows us to immediately identify attempts of attacks, and inform the user to take an action.
  • How do I perform recovery exercises for my company?
    It is easy and will not require you to shut down your workstation. All you need to do is to plug off the unit from the workstation and then you can test the recovery process on a different computer (by booting from Salvador device, the whole process takes approximately 30 seconds).
  • What about APT virus?
    One copy of the data is never accessible before recovery to avoid APT virus infection. The two other copies are secured by a patented offline protection algorithm. Access to the data in those copies is time-limited and allowed only to dedicated Salvador software. The disks are invisible by the OS.
  • How to deal with APT virus?
    To prevent APT attacks, you have the option to limit device access, require strong passwords for users, secure assets, and maintain vital information. To keep clear of APT attacks, we like to keep one copy of the data inaccessible prior to recovery. The two other copies are secured by a patented offline protection algorithm. Access to the data in those copies is time-limited and allowed only to dedicated Salvador software. The disks are invisible by the OS.
  • How does it differ from a DR system?
    Yes. DR (Disaster Recovery) is designed specifically for data loss in cases such as fire, water, physical theft. These are usually online solutions that are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Salvador's solution is based on air-gapped protection storage to allow recovery from ransomware, wiper malware, and other types of cyberattacks.
  • I have many end-computers in my organization, how can I deploy your product?
    The deployment is very easy. The installation takes less than one minute per station. It means you can deploy hundreds of systems in a few hours.
  • How do I perform a backup validation?
    With our simple-to-use web monitoring system, you can see the status of all workstation in one management panel on the cloud or on-premise (in case no internet connection exists).
  • Are there more backups recommended?
    The more backups, the better! We recommend the 3-2-1 process, for example. First, create a single primary backup, then two additional copies of the data. Next, save backups to two different types of media solutions. Lastly, keep at least one backup file offsite in a different location.
  • What is air-gap protection?
    Air-gap protection is a security measure for computer networks that physically isolates their private information from the public Internet. A key advantage of this technology over other cloud solutions is that the data is offline, vastly decreasing the risk of malware and ransomware attacks. Air-gap technology is highly relevant to OT because the system protects critical information from potential attacks, dramatically reducing the risks of data loss and operational downtime.
  • Does Salvador Technologies have a solution for large-capacity servers and a private cloud?
    Yes, we do! We are constantly working on additional technological solutions to help secure your data, including a unique server solution currently in the development stages. Recovery time is highly critical for our customers and their business continuity. Our data loss prevention tools are simple to use and are highly efficient – only taking 2 minutes to install. Only 30 seconds are required to return the system back to work in case of a cyber-attack or system malfunction.
  • Which disaster scenario can be resolved with Salvador Technologies' solution?
    There are many disaster situations we can help you with! We specialize in ransomware attacks, WIPER attacks (disk erasure), physical disk damage, software glitches, and more. Our simple-to-use web monitoring system, allows you to see the status of all workstations in one management panel, on the cloud or on-premise.
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Standing at the forefront of the fight against cyber threats, Salvador Technologies offers complete and instant recovery from ransomware attacks and hardware/software malfunctions.

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