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Ashdod Port
Case Study

White + Dots Background

Ashdod Port, Israel's largest seaport cargo volume and a major gateway for goods and cargo to and from the State of Israel started operations in 1965.
One of the key functions of the Operations Department in the port is to ensure the business continuity of its equipment and to protect the port from unexpected downtime.
For over 10 years, the port Operations Department has relied on manual backup for its OT infrastructure computers. Current backup techniques are not sufficient, and requires significant human resource and hours to recover each end-point.

Customer Profile

An alternative to the previous manual backup method which required physical access

to each crane station.

Efficient and Frequent backup of all operational systems of  configuration updates for all end-points.
Availability of offsite backup version.

Operational Continuity of Critical equipment – various types of  cranes, including legacy systems.

Enable continuous entry of trucks through the main terminal gate,  in case of IT failure or a cyber incident.
A highly secure, reliable recovery method for easy restoration and  integrity test.

The Need

One-time physical installation on the crane station, providing automatic frequent backups.

Deployment of Cyber Recovery Unit (CRU) on critical end-points: ABB HMI terminal crane computer systems based on Window 10, and SIEMENS Window server 2012 with SIMOCRANE CMS (Crane Management System).

Deployment of Cyber Recovery Unit (CRU) on a variety of critical endpoints.
Frequent and a full backup of OS, configurations, and data files.

Offsite backup copy in a secure network location- upon client request.

POC was completed in 3 days on the test station during which backups were performed, operational continuity was demonstrated through a 30-second boot, and a full recovery of the system was achieved.

The Solution


On-schedule backups.

Full visibility on backup status- single-point monitoring with seamless deployment.

Operational regulation compliance.


Every moment of downtime in the maritime world is tremendously critical, costing disruptions in shipping and container discharging. Salvador Technologies’ solutions enables us easy and frequent backup solution saving us the time and trouble.

- Roi Avrahami, Chief Innovation Officer, The Ashdod Port Company

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