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Salvador Technologies
30 Sec

and You're back on Track!

Here's How

Our CRU device is connected by a USB cable to the workstation HMI or computer.

It contains 3 NVMe disks that store the data configuration and perform backups of OS, drivers, configurations, and data files.

In case of a cyber-attack or any system failure, you restart your computer and choose the option of booting from the CRU device.

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The Air-Gap Technology
Patented Innovation

At any given moment, only one of the backup disks is accessible to the computer receiving electrical voltage; the other 2 disks are in a full air-gapped mode, hence isolated from any external or internal control.

During the initial installation, the first backup copy will be transferred to the NVMe-Factory Reset disk. Once the backup is finished, this disk will be in a permanent air-gapped state, the factory reset/baseline version of the system. This baseline is an operational state of the computer - fully configured and includes the OS, configurations, licenses, etc. - the only difference is how old the data, is to ensure there is no sleeper malware inside.

The NVMe-Current and NVMe-Previous disks will be constantly updated by the software agent according to the selected frequency.

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