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Recovery from industrial cyber-attacks just became a lot easier

Industrial Cyber - June 15, 2022

Rampant cyber threats and attacks have brought about the consciousness within organizations of the need to build their operations, in order to identify, protect, detect, respond, and recover. These functions provide cybersecurity outcomes based on existing standards, guidelines, and practices that organizations can customize to properly manage and reduce their cybersecurity risk. Planning operational recovery has become critical for industrial environments.

The last arm, ‘Recover,’ is often overlooked and underinvested. Preparing an actual recovery plan can be tricky, particularly across critical infrastructure and industrial environments. It’s difficult to ascertain where the adversary will target, what systems will be impacted, and what would be the likely fallouts.

A new hope

Enter Salvador Technologies – this Israeli-based OT/ICS data recovery specialist provides an eloquent solution with its standard in operational continuity and cyber-attack recovery. The startup sets out to fill the market gap to bring about a full system recovery in just 30 seconds while ensuring the continuous operation of critical workstations and servers worldwide. Primarily focused on OT and critical infrastructure environments, Salvador’s solutions are based on air-gapped protected storage and sophisticated data corruption detection.

Targeted at industrial and critical equipment, Salvador Technologies’ solutions are “unlike most of or any other vendors in the industrial cybersecurity field, as we are not focusing on the detection and prevention,” Oleg Vusiker, CTO at Salvador Technologies told Industrial Cyber, in an exclusive interview. “Because according to our philosophy, you cannot detect or prevent 100% of attacks. We focus on the incident response and the recovery velocity. If you agree with the assumption that it is not a matter of if, but when, this approach makes complete sense,” he added. Read the full article


Fast data recovery capability, key to protecting critical infrustructure operations

Venture Beat -March 23, 2022

Salvador Technologies is proud to be covered by one of the leading technology news sites, VentureBeat, with an article discussing our seed round investment and value proposition.

With the rise in digital connectivity of the OT (Operational Technology) and ICS (Industrial Control Systems) networks, malicious actors are finding more entry points to attack these critical infrastructures.
While organizations are usually focused on detecting and preventing cyberattacks, they must begin to factor adequate recovery plans into their cybersecurity architecture.

Our solution is fully automated and requires just 30 seconds, achieving recovery with a single click. Read the full article