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Zero-trust access (ZTA) strategy to avoid cyber attacks

Attackers know that end users are high-value assets and high targets that pay a lot. Ransomware utilizes some common engineering attacks to target individuals who are considered high net worth. The attackers make good use of malicious code on devices.

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Looking at the severity of cyber attacks, the cyber team or officials should start thinking about the advanced level solution to counter ransomware attacks. One of the best methods is to establish Zero-trust access or ZTA strategy.

This top-down approach results in strong ransomware mitigation that includes segmentation and micro-segmentation.

Besides this, you need to encrypt all data in the network to prevent exposure. Organizations need to list down all the risks and implement effective strategies to target them. Moreover, they should continue to practice responsive strategies and guide all board members about the steps, they should ensure in case of attack.

Other than this, you should also focus on deploying a strong security posture to detect and neutralize attacks in no time. Behavior-based endpoint security can help you perform this task automatically.

Moreover, the organizations must set up an IT team that moderates and manages the entire security system. They should have privileges to perform immediate actions in response to cyber threats. By developing a great security culture, your organization will be able to counter ransomware attacks automatically.

Furthermore, your organization should also set up timely cybersecurity training and awareness sessions to keep them safe.


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