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When Firewall Fails to Prevent Cyber Attack: What to Do?

Web Application Firewalls (WAF) have been one of the key components of the organization’s cybersecurity system. Nowadays, every organization takes a keen interest in knowing about the traffic source to its servers, if it’s an unknown or unauthenticated location then they block it.

Most famous organizations and even governments suffered high data breaches with active WAF systems. This means WAF doesn’t guarantee top defense against well-targeted cyber attacks. Therefore, you might be thinking, what pre-emptive measures businesses should adopt to tackle cyber attacks in 2021.

Stopping Data Breach

For years, cybersecurity experts have been advising people to create or re-create strong passwords. Not just strong passwords, the passwords should be different for different accounts, so, if one gets compromised the other remains safe.

The responsible individuals should use long passwords that are hard to predict. Furthermore, organizations and government officials must activate the two-factor authentication on all their accounts either personal or official.

The bad password policy has impacted the lives of many public and private sector employees. Organizations should keep a timely check on employee’s password strength. In larger organizations, most employees tend to have the same password or reuse the old ones which seem to be a serious concern.

Therefore, if one of the employees clicks a bad or malicious link, the CFO or CEO gets a message of ransom demand. The cyber attackers either target high profile directly or by penetrating the organization's database to get user’s contact information.

As mentioned in previous blogs, organizations must need to spend on Data Exfiltration strategies to oppose cyber attacks.

This is where Salvador Technologies can help you. We’ve been working for a couple of years in protecting client’s data from theft by placing data backups in a safe place. Feel free to get in touch with us if you or your organization is needed to improve business continuity in case of cyber threats.


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