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What Can Businesses and Governments Do To Stop The Ransomware Attacks?

Ransomeware warning

For the past few years, the Biden administration has been working hard to uplift the confidence of organizations against cyber attacks. Intelligence agencies are also working to ensure a safe business environment for the businesses.

Recently, the Department of Justice has established a Ransomware and Digital Extortion Task Force to oppose rising cyber-attacks. The task force is also liable to take actions against the entities that support attacks. The supporting entities can be online forums that advertise the ransomware sale or they host services that support ransomware attacks.

Furthermore, the government has directed the FBI to encourage firms about sharing cyberattack alerts with the government. This will help the government to tackle the situation and prevent companies from paying a huge amount of ransom.

The Biden administration has restricted firms from paying the ransom as it’ll only give confidence to the bad guys. The government is also keen to take precautionary steps against firms that pay ransoms as officials suggested imposing fines on firms that pay money to attackers.

Measures that make a difference

Organizations and the governments must need to adopt top-class safety measures to stop data breach that costs billions of dollars every year. The firms should test their cybersecurity systems, firewalls, and all other software periodically to ensure zero loopholes for cyber attackers.

There should be periodic notifications for password change and the organizations should set a parameter for setting up a strong password. Organizations should advise their employees to report any kind of vulnerability directly to the IT team, so, safety measures should be taken on time.

Moreover, large organizations should implement the whistle-blower act to ensure all their employees gives the same importance to the company’s data as their boss do. Besides this, firms need to put in a strong data backup and recovery system that could be triggered when needed.


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