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Virtual Machines As a Cyber-Attack Protection measure


Virtual machines are considered a safe way to protect important data from hackers and cyber attacks. Most importantly, ransomware attackers are using virtual machines to conduct attacks on security systems to hide their identities.

These machines almost reduce the chances of getting caught. According to recent surveys, network infiltration has been increased as the concept of network virtualization has been on the boom. The applications of network virtualization are huge and they can be used to protect your security systems from cyber attacks.

Virtual Machines for Ransomware Prevention

Different virtual machines are used for different purposes. The following virtual machines can be used to protect from cyber threats:

Process Virtual Machine

Process virtual machine is also known as application virtual machine that’s recommended for a single application or process on a host OS. In these types of virtual environments, you need to mask your underlying hardware or OS and operate system applications just like a normal network.

System Virtual Machine

A system virtual machine is also known as a hardware virtual machine. This virtual environment completely virtualizes your organization's system. This environment is highly recommended for organizations that are prone to frequent ransomware threats.

Virtual machines help protect your data and system

Virtual machines are actually computers within computers. In simple words, you’re adding an extra layer of protection to prevent system theft. Here is why you need to use a virtual machine for ransomware protection:

Enhanced Data Security

The network virtualization smoothes the disaster recovery and duplicates all your servers in the cloud. In case of a ransomware attack, you’ll have a duplicate server to replace with the affected one.

Smaller Footprint

The virtual environment eliminates the need for having separate hardware to store data. You’ll have the option to extend your IT capabilities with near-zero IT expenditure.


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