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Using AI To Build Defensive Playbooks

One of the best strategies against cyberattacks is to develop and share defensive playbooks across the entire organization. The playbooks should detail every single piece of information about the cyber criminal’s touchpoints.

With this, the organizational response to cyber attacks will be enhanced and strengthen. The playbooks provide the best strategies to defend against cyber attacks. The playbooks become more effective when they’re built with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The security team utilizes all those effective strategies to develop a proactive and advanced cyber protection framework. The AI allows tools to develop cyber defense methodologies at the same rate as cybercriminals for developing refined cyberattack methods.

Organizations have become more vulnerable to cyber attacks as they’re performing regular remote operations along with digital transformation. Now, it’s very clear that cyber attackers will adopt new technologies for exploiting more vulnerabilities.

Therefore, it has now become important for organizations to develop a proactive strategy for real-time detection, endpoint protection, and automated response solutions. This will help organizations in developing a safe environment.

There are several effective strategies such as zero-trust policies, cyber hygiene, encryption, and network segmentation to consider for cybersecurity. Along with these strategies, organizations should make use of asset visibility tools to monitor the most critical assets.

Other than this, the experienced IT staff with vast experience in handling the latest changing technology can help streamline all effective cybersecurity methodologies. All of this can be done at your end, what’s next is that you need to develop a good relationship with the law enforcement agencies and give them the lead to cyber threats, you’re facing.

In a nutshell, the best way to prevent ransomware attacks is by blending all strategies and informing law enforcement agencies about the possible data breach on time.


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