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Unmasking the Unseen Threats: Recovering from OT System Cyber Attacks

In today's digital landscape, the protection of operational technology (OT) systems from cyber threats is paramount. As organizations rely on advanced technologies to streamline processes and optimize productivity, they also become vulnerable to sophisticated attacks. At Salvador Technologies, we specialize in providing robust cybersecurity solutions that aid in the recovery process and fortify the resilience of OT operations.

Understanding the Threat Landscape:

When it comes to cyber attacks on OT systems, there are two primary types that require attention:

1 - Stuxnet-style attacks

Stuxnet-style attacks involve the injection of hostile code into controllers. While these attacks have become less prevalent since 2009, they still pose a significant threat. Industrial equipment manufacturers have improved the capabilities of new programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with features like signature checks and encrypted traffic. However, if a PLC re-burn via Engineering Station is necessary, our expert team can assist. We have the expertise and advanced tools to identify and eliminate malicious code, enabling a reliable path to recovery.

2 - Industroyer-style attacks: Industroyer-style attacks combine Wiper attacks with unauthorized commands sent to controllers from human-machine interfaces (HMIs) or Engineering Stations. At Salvador Technologies, we have tailored our solutions to effectively combat this type of attack. By preventing hostile takeovers and addressing the source of the attack—the HMI/Windows system—we can safeguard your operations and swiftly restore normalcy.

Taking Control of DCS

Most distributed control systems (DCS) are based on Windows, making them susceptible to cyber threats. Our team is well-versed in securing DCS systems, equipped with comprehensive knowledge and strategies to protect critical infrastructures. By implementing our solution, you can ensure optimal functionality and minimize vulnerabilities in your DCS environment.

To conclude, protecting your OT systems from cyber threats necessitates proactive measures and reliable recovery solutions. With Salvador Technologies as your trusted partner, you can fortify your defenses and recover swiftly in the face of cyber attacks. Our expertise in cyber-attack recovery, combined with our advanced tools and knowledge of OT systems, ensures the resilience of your operations.

Remember, cybersecurity is an ongoing effort, and staying vigilant is essential in the ever-evolving threat landscape.


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