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The Shift From Ransomware To Data Theft Extortion

In 2021, ransomware attacks have increased at a double pace as hackers find it easier to penetrate your security system due to advanced hacking techniques. Recently, a ransomware company in the US stated that it has more focus on data theft extortion as it seems more profitable as compared to ransomware.

Ransomware warning on computer

However, several cyber backup and recovery services like Salvador Technologies have been working to prevent data loss. Larger organizations lose money and their important data as they’re unaware of potential solutions.

This is where Salvador Technologies has proved its excellence in protecting client’s data with its top-notch products and services.

How does Data Theft Extortion Work?

In ransomware attacks, the target is usually one and it becomes a great deal for hackers when the victim is a public institution. Whereas data extortion is different, instead of asking ransomware for business data, hackers extort the employee who’ll be more affected if the data becomes public.

In this case, hackers demand hundreds or thousands of dollars rather than a single ransom. The situation gets worst when hackers demand double ransom, one from the organization and the other from a responsible individual.

The Solution To Data Theft Extortion and Ransomware Problems

Data Exfiltration Protection can help prevent extortion and ransomware problems. The victims who successfully deal with hackers have two major benefits: time and money.

When an organization gets time, it has time to run off its high-quality backups and get on better terms by maintaining payment delay tactics.

On the other side, the Data Exfiltration Protection solution prevents an unauthorized user from removing sensitive data. Further, it disables the attack effect and eliminates the chances of data theft extortion.

This keeps an organization’s data and money safe from cyber attacks. The same strategy can be applied to an organizational network with data backups shared on it.


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