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Ransomware Attacks- prevention tactics, Do's & Don't's

Prior to discussing ransomware prevention methods, you should know that ransomware is actually a Trojan that infiltrates your computer and prevents you from performing significant tasks. It may also encrypt your data and will ask for some ransomware payment for data release.

To prevent any data mishap, organizations implement ransomware prevention methods. Most of them install antiviruses on their system while some get help from cyber security experts. In any case, they need protection. Here in this blog, we’ll discuss some cyber tips to prevent ransomware attacks:

Don’t Click Unsafe Links:

Avoid clicking links that lead to unknown websites or display spammy messages. An automatic download will be started if you click on an unsafe link. This may result in Trojan code injection.

Don’t Disclose Personal Information:

If you receive a call, text, or email from an unknown source then avoid sharing your personal information with that contact. Most importantly, you shouldn’t reply to it. Cybercriminals collect personal information before they trigger a cyber attack or phishing emails.

Avoid Opening Suspicious Email Attachment:

Generally, email attachments contain suspicious code that penetrates your system’s security level. Therefore, it’s always recommended not to open suspicious emails and forward them to the spam folder right away.

Avoid Using Unknown USB or Flash Drive:

Mostly, the virus is transmitted through USBs and flash drives. Avoid connecting USB to your computer when you don’t know the source of that USB. If that USB came from an infected computer then you’re at risk of hosting a ransomware attack.

Keep Updating All Your System Softwares and Files:

Updating operating system programs and files means, you’re updating the security of your system. The regular updates eliminate bugs and protect your PC from malware. Cyber Criminals find it hard to exploit updated systems.

Keep Offline Backups:

Backups are crucial for data protection if a system crash, hard drive failure occurs, or ransomware attack hits. To ensure the best recovery from ransomware attacks keep your backups offline to prevent the attacker reach them. Use Salvador's recovery solution for offline backup and immediate recovery from ransomware attacks.


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