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Online Vs Offline Backups- Pros& cons

While hearing about backups, the first thing that comes into our mind is an offline backup. Offline backups are important as it’s hard to steel them in the modern world. Whereas online backup services are emerging and also increase the chances of data vulnerability.

Online backups have more chances of getting hacked by cyber attacks. This is where our 3-2-1 strategy for cyber recovery works best for you. We are helping both small and large organizations with our sate of the art ransomware prevention products.

Offline or Online - Which One Is Secure?

The safety of data has been a cause of concern for most organizations especially when all data is stored online. Keeping this in view, Salvador Technologies believes that offline data is a lot safer than online as there is always a chance of it getting hacked.

Offline backup is often stored on hard drives and flash drives. However, offline or offsite backups may lose data when they’re tempered or a virus enters your backup drive.

Time and Effort

In case of any backup, you’ll have to back up your important data after regular time intervals or on daily basis. The time and cost of maintaining a local backup system are massive as compared to the online one.

Although the cost is huge, Salvador Technologies has been offering highly affordable packages that meet the needs of every business. Furthermore, manual backup techniques require an extra resource and a large amount of time.

Can Salvador Technologies Help in Data Backup and Recovery?

Salvador Technologies have the best ransomware recovery solutions that can recover the targeted system within just 30 seconds. Our products automatically update your offline data backups to recover instantly from cyber attacks. We’re offering the world’s fastest technology for cyberattack recovery and IT failures.


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