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ICS Are At the Bull's Eye of Cyber-Criminals- Why & What To Do About It?

For years, cybercriminals have utilized state-of-the-art techniques to target critical infrastructure such as ICS. Cyber defense experts have also implemented best practices to secure everything under them. Most commonly, cyber threats are intended to bargain ransomware.

Nowadays, crypto-ransomware payments have been a significant trend as they seem fit for cybercriminal demands. Most importantly, physical and digital data centers and assets are always at risk of being accessed remotely. The convergence of physical and digital assets brings competitive advantage and inevitable risks- more cyber-attacks than ever.

Keeping this in view, Salvador Technologies has been adopting modernized yet safer cyber defense modules. Our tools and software have helped our clients overcome cyber threats with the lowest system downtime ever.

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Why does ICS Fascinates Cyber Criminals?

Do you think every criminal has a common reason to commit a crime? Yes, you’re right; money is something that has made the most straightforward person commit a crime. Cybercriminals have been targeting OT for the following principal reasons:


Cybercriminals are looking to profit from extortion, data theft, and cyber-attacks. The goal is to earn money through ransomware. Cyber thieves understand operational continuity is critical to factories and manufacturing settings. Therefore, they are highly likely to target a vulnerable system and get compensated. Furthermore, the crypto payment platforms have made it easy for cybercriminals to execute cyber-attacks.

Economic Warfare:

The Geopolitical conflicts have also irked a sense of instability for cyber experts trying to defend ICS. Most importantly, experts have implemented the new standard in cyber-attack recovery and operational continuity. For instance, the recent US-Russia economic warfare has resulted in a tragic increase in cyber attacks.

Therefore, protecting your organization from ransomware attacks has been substantial. Businesses must take protective measures against possible cyber attacks. With increased crypto-ransomware payments, it becomes more challenging to locate cyber attackers.

Why Are Crypto-Ransomware Payments Preferred?

Cyber-criminals believe crypto payments are safe and secure compared to other online transactions that can be tracked. Crypto payments are being received anonymously without marking the exact locations. Apart from this, crypto transactions have proven to be very beneficial and profitable compared to others.

How Can Salvador Technologies Help You Protect OT?

Experts always claim there is no simple way to counter well-guided cyber attacks but to strengthen their defenses. Defenses can only be strong using tools and software like the one offered by Salvador Technologies.

With over ten years of experience, Salvador technologies have helped the National Cyber Unit and Elite Intelligence Corps with effective solutions like none. We have got an aim to enable the organization to ensure operational continuity.

We’ve developed premium tools and recovery features that operate to minimize system downtime. We can help you recover your essential data from our special backup devices. Our software can prevent your system failure and help in the fastest recovery.

Our patented technology offers data security to prevent unauthorized access to your organization’s profile. We automate the data backup and recovery to ensure maximum operational continuity and low downtime.

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What our Air Gap Solution Can Do For You?

The air gap solution is specially designed for organizations with more complex data and doesn’t want to take on high downtime. We back up your important data and create an offline copy to protect it from possible theft.

Salvador technologies finds its core responsibility to help vulnerable data centers fight against cyber theft. Our complete and instant cyber recovery solutions can help you save your ransomware payment.

Our innovative recovery software plays a vital role in improving the Recovery Time Objective (RTO). With our air gap solution, we ensure the following services are being rendered with perfection:

  • Full recovery from cyber-attacks and IT failures

  • 30-second recovery agnostic to disk size

  • 2-minute installation

  • The fully automated recovery process

  • Offline protection for backup data (air gap)

  • Centralized monitoring

  • Recovery of software data and complete OS configurations

Despite the sharp increase in crypto-ransomware payments, our proven ICS recovery methods have helped countless people worldwide. We do a detailed system survey of our client’s business and craft the best recovery strategy depending on the outcomes.

Our research and analysis have made it easy for us to offer services like no other. Salvador technologies have helped software companies and services providers like Building Management systems, Critical infrastructure and workstations, Logistics Centers, and several other Standalone systems.

Salvador Technologies sets a new standard in operational continuity and cyber-attack recovery. Whatever the reasons are, organizations must take precautionary steps to counter cyberattacks and ensure easy recovery.

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