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High Frequency of Backup - Recommended in a safe storage

Data backup is very important to keep your organizational system working. The data backup process requires you a lot of time and system resources. It can be scheduled automatically with a suitable frequency.

The most important thing in data backup is a backup frequency which should be kept at a self. Normally, incremental backup operations are recommended when you’ve got a lot of data to protect. Being a reliable cyber backup and recovery firm, Salvador Technologies always recommend its client to take a full backup of their data which can be used when needed.

Generally, it’s not dangerous to set high data backup frequency, after all, you’re storing your critical data in another place that can be used in case of disaster recovery.

What Should Be The Ideal Data Backup Frequency?

The only way to protect your data from corruption is to take regular data backups. It’s always recommended that the important data should be backed up at least once a week. Being a ransomware detection and recovery firm, we prefer to take data backup at least once per twenty-four hours.

This helps us in recovering the latest backup entry when needed. The backups can be performed manually and automatically. For automatic data updating and minimum user intervention, you’ll need to install data backup software with an automatic update feature.

Whereas, in manual data backup, you’ll know what data needs backup and where to store it. The manual backup operation takes times and resource to manage it. In automatic data backup, there are high chances of data redundancy and over-writing.

In a nutshell, too high data backup frequency isn’t dangerous as you’re making sure that the latest data is being stored in a safe place. If you’re finding a problem with data backup and recovery due to a cyber-attack then feel free to get in touch with Salvador Technologies.


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