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Benefits of Software Model as a Service (SaaS) - Backup & Disaster Recovery

Recent studies and surveys proved an increase in cyber attacks as the demand for work has increased citing a tremendous increase in Covid spread. The work from home trend has just created more opportunities for exploiters to exploit security vulnerability and lack of organizational crisis.

Meanwhile, benefits have also appeared as organizations preferred to use cloud technologies. Furthermore, it’s also observed that businesses are more comfortable in rendering services virtually. According to IDC, a known research firm predicted that by 2023, nearly 60% of the data will be provided by people working from home. Similarly, most devices are operating outside the corporate firewall.

This entire new scenario resulted in a rapid increase in ransomware attacks as it’s quite easy to make use of vulnerabilities. The organizations had to redefine access points and firewalls if they allow employees to work from home. Keeping this in view, the ransomware attacks against SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) applications have also increased. However, SaaS applications are considered safe but in recent times, hackers have been able to bypass the end-user-damaged systems and exploit the cloud services.

Security is a necessity for every organization and it requires continuous maintenance and investment after a regular time interval. Security measures should be implemented to protect the data and a proactive approach must be ensured to deal with security issues in time. Moreover, timely detection of security and data anomalies should be addressed in the IT environment. Organizations need to recover their data before they’re asked to pay the ransomware.

Adoption of Cloud-Based Backup & Recovery Services As A Service

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Nowadays, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the adoption of cloud-based applications including Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamic, Salesforce, Kubernetes, and many more. The IT managers have found this very difficult as they believe to have new challenges to protect data and information in the cloud. Most importantly, they’ll have to set up a backup and recovery infrastructure to protect their data centers. Organizations have completely relied on cloud infrastructure or applications rather than local data centers.

Now, the jobs have become easier for information system managers. Do you know Why? Most cloud providers not only provide cloud services to organizations, but they’re also responsible for providing extra security to organizations’ information. This doesn’t seem right as Cloud Service Providers render services using the shared responsibility model and they’re responsible for the infrastructure rather than organizational information. Therefore, it’s a necessity in the modern world to use Backup and Recovery services for protecting the information of an organization in cloud applications.

To counter such challenges in the future, you’ll need a disaster recovery solution for all your SaaS systems. Many solutions provide protection and backup services including Office 365, Salesforce, Azure VM, databases, and end stations. Similarly, Salvador Technologies is also offering reliable ransomware backup and recovery services to protect your information in case of cyber attack.

Contrast Of Traditional Backup Services And Cloud-Based Services

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To deal with external cyber threats and decrease downtime during the crisis, the organizations now believe in functional continuity to continue producing. They’ve required reliable backup solutions that also ensure survivability and durability. There are many organizations such as financial organizations or security organizations that require a local backup copy in their Datacenters. In such cases, the duo of traditional backup and cloud backup. The integration of systems with the Data Centers and SaaS systems integration with the cloud is now lying under a single managed system.

Nowadays, Hybrid Cloud – Backup is quite cheaper and more affordable as compared to tape drivers. Cloud-Backup as a service is reliable and easy to operate. Hardware and software components need to be backed up regularly. Moreover, companies that are using Backup as a service have spent less money as compared to the costs of managing backup systems and transferring media to other locations.

Affordable Backup Service Ever:

Most “Backup as a Service” companies are offering the data compatibility needed for regulatory requirements. The solutions allow organizations to remove data and delete options along with the complete content index. Organizations are also provided with an option to back up from any cloud environment along with the best protection against ransomware attacks.

The service providers are also making sure an easy, effective, and efficient recovery against cyber attacks. For instance, cyber hackers attacked the infrastructure of an organization. An organization with strong Backup and Recovery Service providers like Salvador Technologies can survive by recovering data. The data redundancy levels make backups available and accessible easily. A redundancy level of data means that the service provider stores multiple copies of data in a safe location.

The benefits of the Backup as a Service solution are countless as they can prevent ransomware attacks or can minimize the effect. Therefore, it’s always recommended that companies need to invest in SaaS “backup as a service” solutions for ultimate security. In a nutshell, SaaS backup solutions are affordable, safe, reliable, and require less management as compared to traditional Backup and Recovery solutions.


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