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Backup & Recovery - Top Myths To Break

Ransomware attacks have increased a lot in the past few years while organizations have been trying to avoid them by implement detection and prevention cybersecurity solutions, such as antivirus, firewall, antimalware. Cyber attackers use advanced methods to target system security levels.

Therefore, with these security arrangements, you can’t fully oppose them. Keeping this in view, organizations are always hesitant about acquiring backup and recovery services because of the following common myths.

To Pay or Not To Pay

Ransomware attackers always demand millions of dollars whenever they find a way to blackmail large enterprises. Recently, the US Department of the Treasury has forbidden organizations and individuals from paying ransoms to the cyber attackers otherwise they’ll have to pay a fine.

No man land for Organizations

Ransomware attacks target the important data of an organization with internal or external help. If an organization isn’t willing to pay handy ransomware, the cyber attackers are left no choice but to publish all or some part of important data on the dark web.

Therefore, even if the organizations pay them ransomware, they sell the data for higher profit online. The situation gets worse when an organization hasn’t taken a full backup of its data.

Take Backup After A Year

Salvador Technologies always emphasize taking frequent backups as they’re important. The reason for this is, no one knows when your system gets infected or crashed. Therefore, it’s always better to take necessary action for dealing with bad situations.

My Organization Doesn’t Have Important Data

Almost all small to medium size enterprises believe that their private data isn’t important for anyone outsiders. Nowadays, it doesn’t matter whether your data is important or not, cyber attackers won’t let you feel easy unless they go what they’ve been looking for.

If your data isn’t important, ransomware attackers won’t let your system work properly, causing long downtime and high financial losses.


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