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Backup & Business Continuity Insights for CFOs

CFOs have been an integral part of large organizations; therefore, they should know every aspect of the business including backup and business continuity. In this blog, we’ll be taking a look at the backup and business continuity insights that are important for CFOs.

We’ll enlist some important questions along with answers that every CFO should know.

Are Backups Enough?

The answer is obviously no. On-site backups are important yet they’re not secure because when a serious site breach occurs, on-site data is prone to theft. The offsite backups can do the job but it’s hard to transfer data to external hardware or devices.

Is Cloud Backup Method Good Enough?

As discussed in the previous blogs, the cloud backup and recovery solution is effective yet it has some limitations. You need a strong internet speed or bandwidth to transfer data to safe storage. Some complications may occur when you’ve to restore your system from cyber attacks.

What is Backup and Disaster Recovery?

Backup and Disaster Recovery is commonly referred to as BDR that includes data backup and recovery in case of a cyber-attack or system crash. The BDR keeps business operation as it quickly recovers your data backup for business continuity.

Is BDR a win-win solution for the business?

The answer is yes. The BDR system is effective and offers a wide range of advantages including faster recovery time, lower cost, and lower risk. The BDR system takes less time to recover all important data, especially in disaster mode.

The Backup Disaster Recovery or BDR has proven itself a powerful and effective Backup and Business Continuity solution. Our solution combines both BDR and cyber backup and recovery for SMB and large enterprises. If you need any sort of help in developing a cyber recovery system for your business, feel free to give us a call.


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