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Cyber Recovery Unit

When you backup the computer, you are usaually backup only the most important files.

What about the configuration and the operating system?

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Instant Recovery

  • 30 seconds back to normal

  • Press one button to eliminate cyber-attack

Offline Protection of Backups

  • Always updated offline backups

  • Time Based RAID patented technology

High-speed USB 3.2

  • High speed performance of up to 350MB/s

  • Backward compatibility to USB 2.0

When you backup the computer, you are usaually backup only the most important files.

What about the configuration and the operating system?


For this scenario we created the CRU - Cyber Recovery Unit. This is a small device connected to your computer by USB and keeps several copies of your hard disk. This data is updated continuosly using sophisticated alrorithm. The data is offline protected from any curruption.

USB Type A Connectivity

  • Compatibility to most USB devices

  • Plug and play experience

Windows compatibilily

  • Optimized for use in Win 10 systems

  • Backward compatibility for Win 7 / 8

Recovery Software Included

  • Unique immediate recovery features

  • Schedule your backup easily

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Common applications:

  • Specific workstations

  • Critical infrastructures

  • Production machines

  • Single server offline protection

  • Laptops



  • Simple recovery - anyone can recover, no IT knowledge required

  • Plug and Play

  • Easy installation

  • Recover computers up to 1TB

  • Innovative “Time based RAID” algorithm

  • Patent pending technology

  • Eliminating cyber-attack by pressing one button

  • Low cost solution


A good disaster recovery strategy is crucial to provide buseness continuity. One of the most important topic is the backup you have.

Multiple forms are backup exsist and as many as you implement the better your chanses to recover you files. When speaking about a single computer, connected to the internet you have two main types: public cloud and local.

While cloud backup is easy and good solution for files backup, it will not allow you fast recovery when all the files and the system encrypted. If the attack spread out to all the computers in the network, it will take weeks to download all the data.

Here comes the advantage of local backup system. This can be a network device (like NAS or file server or a storage) or a local device (USB stick or external HDD). It is important to have online backup always connected to the computer to allow easy and fast access to the data. The problem is that the attacker has the same easy and constant access to these backups and this is the first to be encrypted.


Offline backup, also called air-gapped or cold backup, is while the device is offline and not accessible without a physical connection. One of the most popular offline backups is external hard disk that connected once per time (usually more than a month). The main dissadvantage is the data is not updated.

Cyber Recovery Unit is the best solution to keep the data offline protected and still up to date. It is always connected to the computer, preventing forget to backup the information. At the same time, the sophisticated algorithm allows limited access to perform the backup only. In case the computer with all it's data attacked, one click of a button will restore it in seconds from the most updated time point - all the files, the configuration and the operating system.