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Why you should have antivirus, but cannot rely only on it?

Updated: Aug 14

Almost all online businesses give zero importance to cybersecurity while they still believe that a simple antivirus will protect them against cyber attacks. According to recent reports, cyber-attacks have increased nearly 46% as compared to the previous year.

As mentioned above, antivirus is believed to be the only solution against ransomware attacks, in fact, this belief is wrong. There are countless tools available online that can bypass the protection layer of an antivirus program.

The windows troubleshooting tool “wreset.exe” allows users to diagnose problems with the PC’s windows store. This tool can bypass the antivirus protection layer. While most people prefer to use Windows Defender rather than antivirus because windows defender won’t work when antivirus is active.

Here are the common reasons why you shouldn’t rely only on antivirus:

Antivirus Can Fail to Do Its Job:

Most antiviruses are aimed to protect your personal data from theft or cyber-attacks. They’re designed to protect your computer files from viruses.

Unfortunately, viruses have become very strong and it’s quite difficult for antiviruses to defend them. Therefore, robust methods should be in place to protect your computer from viruses.

Legitimate Tools Can Bypass Antivirus Protection

Computer users use troubleshooting tools to resolve minor system errors. If legitimate tools can bypass antivirus so easily then viruses can penetrate your PC without notifying you.

Safe Browsing Isn’t Enough:

You might claim to visit safe sites but viruses always find a way to penetrate your system and infect it. The malicious or dodgy sites don’t notify you of injecting malignant code.

The Side Hustle to Prevent Mishap:

One of the most adopted solutions to prevent antivirus protection mishaps is to backup all your important data which can be recovered when needed. Salvador Technologies has been the best in cyber backup and recovery as they’ve reliable products to offer, allowing 30 seconds recovery capabilities.