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Expert Webinars

Salvador Technologies is known for its patented air gap protection products and solutions, but the most greatest benefit of our technology is the fullest and fastest recovery capability available to ensure operation and business continuity for wide range of computer systems.

A significant amount of effort and money is invested in identity protection and prevention of cyber attacks but system recovery remains a sparse field without a clear solution for large industrial systems, critical infrastructures, building management systems (BMS) and medical equipment.


We have made it our goal to raise awareness for the important of system recovery of system recovery by conducting technology trainings for our clients and providing them with highly effective business continuity solutions.

Computer Recovery Webinars

Ransomware Alert! Why Cybersecurity Tools Cannot Provide %100 Protection?

Legitimate disk encryption tools, safe mode bypass, VM based ransomware, supply chain attacks, and backup encryption are only few examples of how an attacker can penetrate your system and prevent the normal operations of your business.

Join us for this webinar to learn how protect your business from loss of money and production stoppage.