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Chemical Manufacturing 
Case Study

White + Dots Background

Global mineral and chemical manufacturers, providing Magnesium, fertilizers, and Bromine for the agriculture and food industry. Compounds, including potassium, phosphates, and calcium, are used for various applications.
The factories operate hundreds of HMI stations and servers to support the manufacturing of tons of agricultural products distributed worldwide.

Customer Profile

Securing the continuity of operational servers responsible for the management of the manufacturing processes, such as resource planning, monitoring, configuration, and real-time hazard recognition.

Backup of Engineering workstation: Real-time Plant Control, product, and operations traceability, Inventory Management.

Replacing the current backup method, a supporting system vendor highly expensive and unconfigured, with an affordable solution providing fast recovery.

A highly secure, reliable recovery method for easy restoration and integrity test.

The Need

Deployment of Cyber Recovery Unit (CRU) on critical end-points, centralized servers responsible for ongoing operations of the factory. The CRU backups whole server with several virtual machines (VM) running on Windows 2012 Hyper-V platform.

Previous backup method involved manual backup on an annual basis. The new solution enables daily backup with air-gap protection.

Full backup of OS, configurations and data files in a single small device.

After a successful reproducibility test on several tested stations, the customers requested to apply the use of the product to additional facilities. Following installation were performed successfully.

The Solution


Critical workstation and server backups - protected by air-gap  technology


Ideal ROI through prevention of financial loss in case of  cyber-attack or system failure.

A centralized monitoring system with seamless deployment  providing full visibility of single end-point backup status.

Operational regulation compliance with the Ministry of Environ mental Protection.


Salvador Technologies’ solution saved us a lot of effort and money comparing

to previous tactics. Their solution is easy to deploy and strengthens our resilience

in case of downtime”.

-OT Cybersecurity Engineer, Large chemical production facility.

Salvador Technologies provides breakthrough technological solutions for operational continuity and cyber-attack recovery for ICS & OT, ensuring an easy validation of the backup integrity with an instant restoration test.

Our patented air-gap technology enables a full 30-second recovery from any scenario.

About Salvador Technologies

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