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Cyber attacks are no longer uncommon. A computer hacked every 39 second with more than $500 billion impact a year on large and small companies.

- "Colorado state has spent more than $1 million bailing out from ransomware attack" - April 2018
- "Cyber-attack shuts down US Regional Hospital's online system and caused the entire network at the hospital to go offline” - January 2018
- "NotPetya attack cost us $300M" - shipping giant Maersk company, August 2017
- "British Airways - IT failure caused 1000 flights to be cancelled" - Traveler magazine, May 2017

These are only few examples of ransomware attacks huge damage at the recent years.

There are many powerful tools against these attacks and most of the organizations have few of them. But what will happen if the attack come from unexpected source, like internal attack, new kind of virus or protection breakout?

  • Will your organization recover fast enough to avoid large money loss?
  • What is fast enough?
  • Which computer will be recovered first?
  • How many IT persons should you hire immediately?

Salvador has easy answers:

  • Fast recovery is 10 minutes to 3 hours for entire organization
  • Do not prioritize - recover all the organization at once
  • Only one IT person required for network recovery, and 0 for offline single computers
  • So YES - your organization will recover fast enough




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