100% recovery from cyber attacks
             Providing the world’s fastest technology to recover from cyber-attacks!


Salvador Technologies provides the world’s fastest technology to recover from cyber-attacks. Our patent pending storage device protects your data from malicious attacks and APT.
Along with our innovative software, customers will receive continuous operation of critical business components in case of cyber-attack, with minimum IT knowledge and maximum automation - back to work in one restart!



Instant Recovery
Instant Recovery
Offline Protected Storage
Offline Protected Storage
Automation and Early Detection
Automation & Early Detection
30 sec. back to normal
3 hours to fully resolve ransomware attack
3-2-1 Backup Strategy
Always updated offline backups
Fully automated
parallel recovery process



Why Salvador

Cyber-attacks hit companies and individuals, resutling long downtime.
23 days is the average time to resolve a ransomware attack.

Ransomware damage in 2019 was $11.5B and will grow to $20B in 2021.
Reducing the downtime is a key factor in building a world where cyber-attacks cause much less financial damage to industrial factories.







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