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3-2-1 cyber recovery strategy


Ransomware is malicious extremely harmful software that target individuals, businesses and organizations. It used by cyber criminals to infect your computer and block the data, demanding ransom payment. To claim the payment, different messages displayed with payment methods and warning to destroy the data if not payed.


Every computer system should have a backup. Physical or virtual machines can be affected by many types of falures.
Physical damange, software update, natural disaster data theft and cyber attack infections are the main examples to have backup of your data.
There are many types of backup sulotion and it may not be easy to select the best one. However the rule of 3-2-1 backup makes it easier and much safer for any organigation.
The 3-2-1 backup rule says:
  • Have minimum of 3 backups of your data
  • Store the data on 2 dofferent meadia
  • Keep one backup offsite

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