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Ransomware is malicious extremely harmful software that target individuals, businesses and organizations. It used by cyber criminals to infect your computer and block the data, demanding ransom payment. To claim the payment, different messages displayed with payment methods and warning to destroy the data if not payed.


Ransomware is the most popular threat in the last years, being easy to implement and high having high revenue business model.
It easily spreads via links in websites or email, files that looks innocent to the user or in several cases can be a targeted attack on specific network.
The bad reality about ransomware:
- Attack occurs every 14 seconds.
- One third of those who pay the fee, will never get their data back.
- It takes more than 3 weeks average time to recover.
- More than 70% of those who paid will be attacked again.
- Ransomware attacks cost to worlds economics almost $12 billion at 2019
- Many of attacks will not be detected by antivirus
If this is not enough, the more sophisticated attacks target your backups first, knowing that this is the most important recovery resource after attack.
All this, emphasize the need to protect the backups from any corruption.
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