100% recovery from cyber attacks
             Providing the world’s fastest technology to recover from cyber-attacks!



In the world where cyber-attacks hit every 14 seconds, and ransomware cost is about to reach $20,000,000,000 per year, backup can be easily your only way to continue working. Many of the ransomwares are targetting your backup, before they ask for the payment. Having one online copy of the files is not enough.

Salvador Technology developing innovative solutions for fast recovery of servers and workstations.


Features and applications:
 o Critical workstations immediate recovery
 o Eliminating cyber-attack for entire organization
 o Innovative “Time based RAID” algorithm
 o Protection of critical components such as: virtual machines, databases, backups
 o Servers and IT network recovery


Cyber Recovery Unit

  • For workstations instant recovery
  • Tiny and powerful USB device compatible for any computer or server
  • Continues operation after 30 seconds
  • Eliminating cyber-attack by pressing one button
  • Simple recovery - no IT knowledge required
  • Fast & Easy installation - only 2 minutes
  • Low cost
  • AES-256 military grade encryption
Cyber Recovery Unit



Server Security Solution


  • For Data Centers & Servers
  • Embedded in the server - simple software implementation
  • Isolated secured environment from attacks
  • Continues data monitoring
  • Centralized management to eliminate cyber-attack
  • PCIe / NVMe-oF
Network Recovery Solution


Cyber Recovery Software


  • Fully automated recovery process
  • Early detection of backup corruption
  • Parallel recovery of workstations
  • Instant Recovery for Organization
Cyber Recovery Software










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